Sunday, July 25, 2010

My First Post: A Muggy World for Me...

It's the end of July, and summer is in full, humid's not always so hot and muggy in this part of New England during the summer...but this year is different, and it seems as though Mother Nature has decided to over-moisturize the entire region. My garden is sagging, the cicadas are buzzing at high-volume, air-conditioners are blasting, and despite the cool temps inside, the heat lightening and thunder keep me awake most nights. Living on the east coast, the seasons are well-defined, and I look forward to each new segue of nature...the sprouting of leaves in the spring, the warmth of long summer days, the changing of the guard in fall as vibrant colors act as a prelude to the first signs of winter's quiet symphony of snow fall. But, it seems as though summer is cheating me out of her usual warm and sunny disposition, and instead, her mood swings of heavy clouds and sultry temperatures have kept me off my porch on weekend afternoons, and inside on the treadmill when cloudbursts threaten my walks to town. I'm trapped inside as if it's winter all over again. I guess, then, it's good that I'll be traveling soon to where summer is behaving itself and the temperatures are more pleasant. My Life on the Lane had better be back to normal, weather-wise...when I return!


  1. Caron, Welcome to the Blog scene. I didn't realize you had moved to New England. Have fun with your musings. Savannah is muggy too. Daughter Kristen and two of her children arrive today for a visit. Her oldest, Jacob, left for the National Boy Scout Jamboree in Washinton DC on Friday. That will be a great experience for him. How's the book coming along? Lisbeth

  2. Hi Lisbeth! We transferred from California two years ago...our third time on the east coast. Have fun with your family, we'll have a full house soon with our older son and his girlfriend visiting in August on their way to Italy for a study abroad program. I love when they come home...

  3. Hope to read your blog from Belgium, Caron.