Friday, October 14, 2011

My First Acquisition of Antwerp Art

I love my new painting by Paul Van Soens, Antwerp artist, who also happens to be our landlord.  I fell hard for this abstract painting on display at Mr. Van Soens art studio and gallery, Insularte, which is at the street level of our building.  I'd been admiring the painting for weeks with Mr. Lane as we passed by on our evening walks.  I came home the other day, with company, and there it was...Mr. Lane had asked Mr. Van Soens to place it in our flat to surprise me.  How sweet is that?  It's the perfect touch to our modern, loft-like apartment.  It hadn't occured to me that the painting had colors similar to the cover of my novel, Restoration, until it was hanging on the wall above the fireplace and a copy of my book was nearby.  No wonder I was so drawn to this particular piece.  Mr. Van Soens has many wonderful pieces on display in his studio, but this one spoke to me.  I think the dark, embossed area looks like cobblestones with the horizon floating above, very peaceful to me.  I'm in love.  I'm in love with all art these days in Europe.  I can't help surrounds me all day, everywhere I go...I'm immersed in oils, water colors, sculptures, statues, frescos, murals, even graffiti moves me.  The new European artists inspire me, as they go up against the great masters in history.  It makes me think about literary greats and how writers, just like artists try to imitate and match the masters when crafting their words.  Does art imitate life or life imitate art?  Do words imitate art and life?  Everything and everyone interact and inspire everyone and everything.  My life on the lane is inspiring and artistic and absolutely lovely. 

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