Saturday, November 19, 2011

Home Is Where You Hang Your Hat

Porch in Connecticut

A few weeks ago, Mr. Lane and I landed in Brussels at dusk and as the sun was setting on Belgium, we headed north towards Antwerp, tired from our travels and ready to be back home.  Coming around the corner and up out of the tunnel into Antwerp, its dim, glowing lights welcomed us home, and what a sweet, sweet sight....ah...I was home, for one day.  The repack then back to Brussels Airport to begin our final leg of what was feeling like, a world tour.  But, for now -- we were home.  Home.  It's where you hang your hat, keep your stuff, clean your clothes, sleep in your own bed.  Home.  After the final leg to Naples, Florida, next up for me, home-home, in Connecticut for a few weeks.  Survey the damage from the recent, freak snow-storm and welcome my youngest, home for Thanksgiving from college in Boston, along with some of his floor-mates.  Can't wait for the house to be filled with a bunch of university kids looking for home cooked food, a quarter-less washing machine, and a regular-sized bed -- all of which I will happily provide.  Ah, home.  So thankful for home, whether in Belgium or in the states.  As we all move towards Thanksgiving, let's be grateful for our homes...wherever they may be, down your own lanes, safe, warm and filled with what is important to you.  My life on the lane is filled with travel and discovery and jet-lag, but mostly my life on the lane is all about being home. 

Happy Thanksgiving from My Life on the you and yours and your life on your lane.     

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