Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Moving On

Goodbye to Connecticut

Goodbye to Belgium
Today I write from a small corner I've carved out amongst the boxes being packed and stacked around my home at the end of the lane. In fact, I'm using three boxes as a desk and another box for a chair. I'm an expert at moving, this being our eleventh time. We're back in the states, from Belgium -- step one of the move -- but now we gather everything from Connecticut and continue on to Ohio. It's what I'm calling the big-huge-double-duty-move. Our furnishings from Europe are on a ship, somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and after clearing customs, will be transferred by truck to our new home in Ohio. At the same time, there is a truck in Connecticut that is being loaded with all the rest of our furniture.  Both shipments have been carefully orchestrated to arrive during the same week in Ohio. Pretty cool. Sounds easy-peasy, right?  But actually, a lot of obsessive-compulsive planning goes into the process with coordination of moving professionals, shipping experts, expat advisors, real estate agents, and two seasoned transferrees. And so far, there has not been any hangups...knock on wood.  We are downsizing (house-wise) in Ohio, so I've found good homes for our extra furnishings and have dropped off donations all year (since I knew the move was coming). We are lean and mean (well, not so much mean as lean) and we will again, be living on a lovely lane, but this time, in northeast Ohio, so I'm keeping my blog name the same. My Life on the Lane is changing location, but I'll still be doing my same thing, writing, exploring, living life and loving Mr. Lane.  Wish me luck!  
Hello to Ohio

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful story, it looks like you have a lot to write about. I wish you luck in your new home and in everything life has to offer. All my best, Dianna