Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lost in Love in Ohio

I moved to Ohio last March and haven't been seen since.  Well, maybe just not on this blog.  Since moving back to the states from Belgium (referred to as repatriation) and stopping by Connecticut to sell our home and move our things, I've been slightly off the blog radar.  Distracted is a good word.  Not only was this a double-move, but being back in the states has put me in a mood that I can only describe as falling in love.  The same thing happened when I joined Mr. Lane in Antwerp full-time last year.  Of course, I fall in love with Mr. Lane all the time, and even though we've been married nearly 25 years, if he brings me daisies, or watches an episode of the Kardashians with me (sorry Honey, other men do this sometimes, too--you're still my big, strong man)...I'm butter and melt.  But, I'm not talking about falling in love with my husband, I'm talking about falling in love with a continent.  Upon moving to Belgium, I fell immediately, and completely in love with Europe -- the entire continent of Europe.  Who wouldn't?  It's so romantic and handsome and suave.  Europe sweet-talked me into a state of abandoned love that will remain in my heart -- forever.  I'll always love Europe.  Even if we no longer live together or even talk to each other, Europe and I have something that will last forever.  We have our memories, Europe and me -- of cobblestoning, drinking great wine and eating the richest of chocolates.  Now that we are apart, Europe will always be a great friend, the type that when you see each other after a long time, you just pick up where you left off.  But, our love affair couldn't last forever (thanks to my husband's business moving to Ohio) and so, we have both moved on (I know Europe is seeing other people, and I just have to be okay with that) and in fact, (don't tell Europe) I've fallen in love with another continent -- North America. It's a whole different affair. Where Europe wooed me with its rich, saucy dinners over candlelight in centuries-old buildings, North America has pulled me into its arms with tantalizing offers of cheeseburgers and something called 'The Denver Omelette'.  Strolling along Champs-Elysees is fabulous, but I felt my heart flutter walking along 5th Avenue in New York City and then again at Fashion Island in Newport Beach, California.  Don't even get me started on all the Main Street's I've hit since being with North America.  North America can be loud sometimes, and some even think it can be obnoxious -- but North America can be gentle and romantic in its own cowboy, rough and tumble kind of way.  Just sitting by a lake, sipping a cold beer, holding hands, watching the sun set....Oh, North America, you are beautiful.  It's hard to not fall in love when you can have whatever you need at the drop of dime.  I'm being spoiled and can't get enough.  Sure, Europe has all the moves, and that sexy old world charm, but North America has a fresh appeal -- and convenience stores.  North America has its charm, too.  Like a golden retriever, it just likes to please.  If you want something, North America will get it for you and it'll lick your face too...if that's what you want.  Yeah, I'm in love.  I admit it.  With a whole new place, a whole new continent.  I don't know why I never noticed North America before, its handsome streets, its beautiful mountains and streams.  I guess I had to leave and fall for a foreigner, to be able to come back and appreciate what I always had right in front of me.  I just hope North America loves me too.  Because this love I'm feeling, is the all-in, total-commitment type of love for me.  Here's some pictures of my new love.  Careful -- or you'll fall in love, too.  My life on the lane may have changed, and I may have given up some things I love, but I've found a new one in the one I already had. 

Ridgefield, Connecticut

Corona Del Mar, California

New York City

Sunset Newport Harbor, California

Arizona Desert

Newport, Rhode Island


Northwest Connecticut

Brandywine Falls, Ohio

Boston, MA

Boston Harbor, MA

My New Lane in Northeast Ohio

Catalina Island, California

Pasadena, California

Cleveland, Ohio

Main Street, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

The actual Falls in Chagrin Falls, Ohio


Ohio Countryside

Bay Harbor, Michigan

Northern Michigan


Lake Michigan

Northern Connecticut


  1. I love your attitude! I love your book!! And I love that you're my neighbor!!!
    I'm your new fan!!!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Judy! Glad to call you neighbor and flattered that you enjoyed Restoration.