Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Spending the final day of 2012 in peaceful reflection and later tonight, I will join my husband and two adult sons for dinner and a toast to 2013, at a cozy restaurant not far from home. I have only one resolution for the new year and hoping it will serve as a metaphor for other areas of my life. My make a simple quilt. The process and patience required to design, cut, piece, sew and finish a quilt is how I'd like to approach my life this year...accepting that life is a process and patience is the key. I want to stop rushing and slow down, finish each project, before moving on to the next. Keep an open mind, listen carefully, read all the books I want to read, one at a time, finish writing projects, one page at a time, continue to learn, lend a hand, breathe deeper and take more time for myself...cutting and stitching together each square of life, with gentle hands, mindful of creating a warm, safe blanket of tolerance and peace. Wishing you all happiness, good health and brilliant success in the building of your own quilt of life in 2013.

My life on the lane is snowy, cozy, warm and filled with hope for a wonderful new year.

"I'll be as patient as a gentle stream."
~William Shakespeare

Near Chagrin Falls, Ohio

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